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  • 01.Translation

    With a wealth of experience in translation, our translation experts are good at offering translation service that suits local guidelines, commercial standards, and reader expectations.

  • 02.Interpretation

    With economic globalization and international cooperation being paid more and more attention today, people's requirements for interpretation are becoming more and more diversified. The level of interpretation is very important to the success of your negotiation.

  • 03.Simultaneous Interpretation

    It refers that the interpreter uses a special simultaneous interpreting device in a sound-proof room (commonly known as a "booth"), listens to the speaker continuously through the headset, and simultaneously sends the exact and complete information transmitted to the target language which is transmitted to the audience through the device. Participants who need interpretation services can tune to their own language channel through the receiving device and listen to the corresponding translation output from the headset.

  • 04.Multi-Language Dubbing

    Dubbing is a kind of language art. It is a creative work that the dubbing actors use their own voices and languages to shape and perfect various vivid characters behind the screen and in front of the microphone.


  • Tianjin HPTRANS Service CO., Ltd., in shortened form as HPTRANS and abbreviated as CHTC, was founded in Tianjin Binhai New Area, the opening and strategic new area in the north of China, in May, 2010.  HPTRANS is devoted to the services of multilingual translation and interpretation, linguistic training, talent headhunting, international publishing, localization, global public opinion and other cross-language and cross-culture services. The company is optimizing its production capability through active exploration on technology and internet to provide differentiated scenario-based language service, to eliminate the linguistic and cultural barriers of the customer in globalization and to drive the historical course of informatization, standardization and industrialization in language services in China.

  • HPTRANS has a production center (including Translation Dept., Project Dept., QC Dept. and Resource Dept.), a marketing center (including Marketing Dept., Sales Dept. and Key Account Service Dept.), Administration Dept., Finance Dept., International Dept., Training Dept., College Business Dept, IT Dept. and other functional departments. The company has nearly 60 full-time employees, more than 250 contracted translators, more than 830 part-time translators and about 60,000 reserve translators. Its service covers all official languages of the countries that have diplomatic relations with China.

  • Our service covers all official languages of the countries that have diplomatic relations with China. Our company has nearly 60 full-time employees, more than 250 contracted translators, more than 830 part-time translators and about 60,000 reserve translators. 

  • Guided by the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, HPTRANS has consciously integrated corporate social responsibility into the company's strategy, corporate culture and production and business activities, and has adhered to the strategic understanding, deployment and promotion of the harmony between the enterprise, society and environment development. We should strengthen and improve the management of social responsibility, continuously improve the ability to perform responsibility, enhance the ability to create value, realize high-quality, efficient and sustainable development, and strive to build a harmonious enterprise.



    Our Strengths



  • GM China

    You are very dedicated and patient. You have never given up and strived yet for improvement in the projects last more than one year. Our GM Mr. Wang is very satisfied with you. We will recently have an AIIB project on which we look forward to your cooperation once again!
    Wang Xiaowei
  • Nissan China

    Hi, Mr. Shao. Mr. Yao highly appreciates the quality of your Japanese translation and he hopes that we can sign an annual agreement on our strategic cooperation!
    Sun Li
  • NDRC

    It was an urgent project but, to our surprise, we could have the translation in hand so soon so good at noon since we had just sent you the document in the morning!
    Zhang Lun
  • MUC

    Your translation in Russian is so good, we will choose no one but you in the future!
    Zhu Xiaolin
  • HKU

    It's not easy to translate classics and there are so few excellent senior translators working on translation into foreign languages. But you have made it perfectly!
    Zhao Xuan

    I was perturbed at the beginning of our cooperation as the documents were so important but it’s unexpected that you have made so perfect English translation without any fault.
  • Zhongguancun Industrial Park

    Our leaders are very satisfied with your arrangement of simultaneous interpretation this time. Thank you for your effort.
    Sun Chuanfang
  • Jianye Group

    You have finished your work on time. That alone deserves credit. Happy cooperation!
    Zhang Zhihong
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    Heping · Tianjin

    Heping · Tianjin


    Binhai New Area · Tianjin

    Binhai New Area · Tianjin


    Dalian · Liaoning

    Dalian · Liaoning

    Tel: 0411-66858611

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